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You will find something that fits you no matter what you seek. MMA 360 Degree Training Academy has different classes with Top Skilled Coaches with many multiple times per day. So you'll be able to choose and decide to fit your schedule.

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While Beginning your Training, our coaches enrich your confidence with a positive and supportive team. MMA 360 Degree is the Best Training Centre for MMA sessions for those seeking more skill and authentic wisdom training.


MMA 360 Degree Training Academy is known for being one of the best training centres due to our world-renowned programs like Boxing, KickBoxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and HIIT.

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Instructors of the highest calibre will take the time to teach your objectives and create a strategy to ensure they are met.

MMA 360 Degree Training is an Academy of dedicated martial artists. Whether you are examining to get fit, learn self-defence, climb into the cage, learn well, and have fun. MMA offers a variety of choices to you for sessions. We equip the best training and are qualified to put your goal high. Suppose you can confirm there is a better mixed martial arts training resource in Chennai other than MMA 360 Degree. You can’t because we will give you ongoing training, so you can reveal that we are a better team with more successful students, Professionals trainers and proven fighters.

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Ideal Training

Systematic Workout Session

Right Preparation and Planning

Recreate Fight Environment

Right Scheduling for each one

Developing inner Confidence

Focusing level of Goals

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Artistic C’s of MMA Training

The Artistic of MMA Training is a hybrid combat of techniques taken from Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and HIIT. The highlights in training will make you move towards becoming a warrior.



Learning Mixed Martial Arts is the ability to improvise your confidence, strength, stamina, and power level. Each session part will boost your confidence and enrich your physique more strongly. The MMA training sessions will empower you at the inner level and take you up to facing challenges.



Every person has different kinds of stress in life; sometimes, it will affect work and miss focusing on regular activities. The MMA training class will boost your concentration level in the best forms and helps to reduce stress relief. It indeed encourages you in both physical and mental ways.



The Nature technique of MMA movements combines punching, kicking, grappling, and wrestling. Each workout will strengthen your muscles, increase your stamina level, gain your physique and more.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

MMA training improves cardiovascular health, and exercise increases blood flow to the heart and lungs. Regular exercise will lessen the risk factors of depression, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and more. It burns calories and reduces your body weight, and frames your physique in structure.



MMA training sessions will improve your skill and focusing level, helps to make the movements to attack your opponent in the most challenging situations, control your pressure level, and aid in taking the right decision to punch your opponent.

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Our Training


Choose your slot with Clearing Doubts

MMA 360 Degree training academy, First of all, welcomes all for the fitness and skill levels of training sessions.

We offer several packages and plans.

Our qualified fitness trainers assist you in customising Schedules. Here you can practise their techniques and prepare for future fights.

Our training package includes all-inclusive.
Call us at +91 81484 90360 or schedule a trial on our website to get start training. Let us know before the day of classes for your free trails sessions. Please carefully read everything and adhere to the instructions. You can interact with our coaches when you arrive for class five minutes before.
Training is challenging and suited for all training candidates. When we perform an exercise, we burn fat and become fit. Check out our Training for Weight-loss page for more details about weight-loss programmes join in MMA 360 Degree Training Academy classes.
MMA 360 degree in Chennai has different schedules and classes for experience levels to beginner training can become advanced professional fighters. All Coaches from the MMA 360 Degree Team are teaching experts.
We teach martial arts at MMA 360 Degree Chennai. Here, kids can acquire valuable life skills to boost their self-confidence, self-defence, mental toughness, discipline, attention, teamwork, etc.

We aim to increase your child’s possibilities of achieving success in life. We put a lot of priority on your kids to prevent them from evolving victims at school. At MMA 360 Degree in Chennai, we make them a zero-tolerance stand against bullies in their life.